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A Global Art Registry

Imprint is a tool to create the definitive and infinite global art registry to eliminate art fraud.

Art is an asset and should be treated like it. For assets to have value, they need standards for authenticity and ownership. We provide the standards and tools to make art into a real asset. The registry follows a process similar to other established assets like cars, stocks and houses and uses ironclad blockchain database technology to secure and ensure any art transactions. With your digital Imprint title, you are empowered to know and prove your art’s authenticity and worth at any time as you evolve its provenance into the future.

How it Works

Imprint puts the ‘prove’ in provenance. We provide secure transfer and records of ownership. Imprint is art’s universal and infinite title of provenance.


Each artwork is certified directly by the artist who created it: the ultimate standard in fraud prevention.


Ownership and sales of each piece are securely tracked from the moment of creation onward using blockchain technology.

Secure Ownership

No more paper certificates. Imprint creates a digital title of art ownership based on the highest standards of identity verification, direct authentication and encrypted blockchain recordkeeping. Consignment, sales and transfers are easy and highly secure.

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Step 1

Artist Identity Verification

We independently validate the identity of each member artist using a secure third party KYC (Know Your Customer) service.


Step 2

Artwork Registration

Only verified member artists can register their artwork, ensuring what’s on the registry is authentic.


Step 3

Digital Title

Each registered item is given a unique, encrypted code and transferable digital certificate of ownership (like a VIN and title for artwork). Blockchain technology provides a secure database and a record of transactions into the future.


Step 4

Secure Transfer

Artists can now consign, sell, or transfer a registered artwork. Once transferred, the new owner receives title to the artwork. The new owner can now transfer to anyone else.

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Ruth Ann

“By giving artists and their representatives a simple, easy-to-use digital tool, we hope to eliminate counterfeit work which will make their authentic work that much more valuable.”

Ruth Ann
Owner | Exclusive Collections Gallery



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Prove authenticity and provenance

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